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Taxes are a part of life, but they don’t need to be burdensome and complex, nor inhibit economic growth. An ideal tax code is one that follows the principles of sound tax policy: simplicity, neutrality, transparency, and stability.

Our Mission is to lead the tax reform debate toward smarter, simpler policy. Every day, we strive to educate taxpayers, the media, and policymakers. Our federal research and outreach highlight our tax code’s strengths and weaknesses and show how tax policy impacts taxpayers, the government, and the economy at large. At the state level, we use our research to foster competition between the states and advise policymakers on how to improve their tax systems.

You Can Help Fix the Tax Code. As a non-profit organization, we rely on the generosity of individuals, businesses, and philanthropic foundations who believe in a smarter, simpler tax code. If you believe that our federal, state, and local tax systems need to be improved, then we encourage you to join us!

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State Tax Successes in 2016 Thanks to You, Our Readers and Supporters!

If you’ve been following our blog, you know that Joe, Nicole, Jared, Morgan, and I have been covering all the major state tax proposals considered this year, and that whenever possible, we get in planes, trains, and automobiles to bring our expertise directly to the states we are working in.

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Kyle Pomerleau on TV

The Impact of "Options for Reforming America's Tax Code"

Now we're looking forward to 2017. And the renewed interest in comprehensive tax reform has us excited. Never before have we been as relevant or useful a resource to those with the power to reform our tax code. Never before have we had the tools we do now, which will be invaluable for directing legislation toward smart tax policy.

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State Team at Illinois press conference

Vigilance and Nimbleness Are Crucial in 2017

Tax policy proposals can be the product of years of deliberation; other times, they crop up overnight. To be effective in our mission, we at the Tax Foundation have to remain vigilant through the months and even years of hearings and debate, while remaining nimble enough to spring into action when important issues arise.

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  • Read testimonials about our work.

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  • Read testimonials about our work.

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